So, in previous posts I have discussed my car, the 1999 Acura, Shelia. She has caused me so many issues. I had to replace the gas tank when I first got the car, then the rotors, and various other parts. Rust would literally fall off of the car when I closed doors. The trunk stopped opening a year ago. There were wires that fell out of the car. The radio stopped working. The inside of the key fob went missing. In order to change gears I needed to use an Allen wrench in the gear release to shift into gear. The most recent repair was a few months ago where I had to replace the catalytic converter. Long story short, every months I had to replace part os the car. It would cost me $600 or more. The steering component stopped working and would leak steering fluid. I’d have to put a bottle of steering fluid into my car every day, and anytime I lightly turned the steering wheel it would scream.

As I list off the problems to my mom she told me these wise words: “It’s time to get a new car, you’re going to die in that junker.”

My goal was to drive that car into the ground. So, me being the literal person I am was expecting to be driving the car until the wheels fell of the axels. But according to my mom the car was already dead and needed to retire. So I set out and found a car. I got a load with the help of a co-signer (Thanks Dad).

In other words: I GOT A NEWISH CAR! A 2007 NISSAN! It’s beautiful and wonderful and glorious! Her name is Shelby and it is the best thing I have done!

Right now I have a sensor that is getting replaced because it has a warranty but it has not had any issues like my last car.

Shelia is now retired and waiting to be sold as a derby car because car derbies are a great way to officially kill a car. It’s also very popular here to derby cars.


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