Half A Year Later

I am really bad about this blog thing. I think the hardest part is finding motivation to type out paragraphs of things that happen. A lot has happened so I hope to have a lot of content coming at you in the next few weeks. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. I hope you are all looking forward to the fresh start that the new year will bring. I certainly am.

I have quite a few resolutions that I hope to accomplish. My number one resolution is to get healthier and work out more. I swear, you might hear that resolution approximately fifty times before the first week of the new year even happens. For me this is important because I have been living like trash since college started. Sometimes I forget that vegetables are a thing and will question why I feel so crumby. So here’s to more veggies and dying at the gym! Wish me luck because I’m winded walking up the ten steps to my apartment.

I’m also hoping to be a better blogger for you guys.

What are your resolutions? I wish you all the best of luck . Have a safe and Happy New Year, and remember not to drink and drive!


2 thoughts on “Half A Year Later

  1. Good luck for the new year Beth, try and stay as active as possible away from the gym in your day to day life, i.e walk more, run up a set of stairs etc etc create small habits that contribute towards you being active so that if you can’t hit the gym you are still doing something. My goal this year is to start up a new business which i am writing about in my blog so hopefully we are both successful. All the best. Jack.


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