Things Nobody Tells You About Being An Adult: Living Alone (Part 2)

Living alone will always be a challenge for those of us who don’t have a room mate. Though being by yourself can be great. You get to do whatever you want, when ever you want. You also don’t have to worry about disturbing a room mate (with the exception of neighbors or landlords). Living by yourself is great! But here I am about to drop some major truth bombs yet again about a few more struggles that come with living alone. Here we goooooooo…

  1. YOU HAVE TO DO ALL THE CLEANING YOUR SELF. Again, I come from a big family. So clutter doesn’t bother me. I also grew up where all the household chores were divided up. Now I live alone and find that I get overwhelmed about how much cleaning I really have to do. I would rather throw my dishes out than wash them but I know plates are expensive and I hate washing dishes. And cleaning is hard when you have a cat and a ten dollar vacuum that only picks up sugar glider bedding (Thanks Elsa). You get the point, there’s a lot more cleaning involved and no help.
  2. You have learn how to save money. I feel like I might be beating a dead horse with this at some point but it is so important to learn budgets and money saving. When you live alone you have to have the money to pay all your bills and it is nice to have enough to give yourself little treats every now and then.
  3. Making friends with your neighbor (if possible) is also important. Thankfully I already know my current neighbor because we take the same classes. She’s a pretty cool person. In my last apartment I met my other neighbors (they lived below me) because they were out on the porch. But knowing your neighbors is great because if you need help they might be able to help. Or if you need a tool to take apart (or build) furniture is very helpful. Maybe I’m weird but I find comfort in knowing that there is someone near by. They might be cool and you might develop a good friendship over your time living alone.


I like to try to sprinkle in truth bombs of happiness because this blog is supposed to be a happy place to laugh at.

Living alone is great and terrible all in the same breath. So remember kiddies, make friends with your neighbor. Don’t spend all your money on dumb things, and pay your bills first. And don’t forget to get used to cleaning alone.


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