Things Nobody Tells You About Being An Adult: Money

I feel like everyday there is something I learn about being an adult. And everyday I release I want to go back in time and refuse to let five-year me utter the words that every child says: “I can’t wait to be an adult! It’ll be fun!”. That was a big mistake. When you decide to become an official adult there’s so many things that you have to deal with and money might just be the most important thing out there. Not in a shallow, superficial, way, but in a “I need this to live and have a decent apartment” way.

  1. When you decide to live on your own you probably need (or already have a job). Living alone usually means that you need to start paying your own bills. Working is not that much fun because it’s work. Unless you have a job you really love (which means your lucky). But you need a job to pay for your rent and utilities, as well as all the other fun stuff you want to do.
  2. PAY DAY IS AMAZING. But it does not last long. If your like me, you pay all your bills as soon as possible if you have the money. I recently got payed. The paycheck was actually really nice but once I payed all my bills and bought groceries, I have nothing left. As nice as it is to open your bank account and see a couple hundred deposited, the big shot feeling does not last long.
  3. You really need to learn how to budget. When you live on your own you have to know where your money goes. Knowing how much money you have to put to each bill and groceries is important because nothing is worse than spending all your money on random things and not having money for rent or electric.
  4. Car maintenance is really expensive. I really think you need an extra bank account just to put money away to pay for a car as well as the repairs it needs. I swear every few months I put a ton of money towards the repair for my car, but I do have an older car that also probably should have ever been sold.

Adulting is fun, because you can buy what you want and do what ever you want as long as you have money. But you have to make enough money for the extras and have all your bills payed.


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