Things You Weren’t Told About Being an Adult: Living Alone (Part 1)

One of the major perks about being an adult is getting to move out of your parent’s house and getting your own place. When you have your own place there are endless possibilities of benefits and down sides (I miss living at home, Mom). Living alone is a task to adapt to and there is so much that no one every tells you about living alone.

There many reasons you might have moved out to be on your own. Maybe you decided that you are too old to be living at home anymore. You might have leased an apartment because of college and moving in and out of dorms is too stressful (Plus room and board is almost 5 times the cost of renting your own place). Maybe you just really thought it would be a great time to live alone. Maybe you didn’t initially plan to live on your own, but couldn’t find a roommate for what ever reason. No matter why you live alone, there’s so much you probably didn’t know.

  1. When you live alone, you can do whatever you want. This is both a positive and negative. Because you can do whatever it means that you can eat ice cream for every meal, or spend all your money on light saber chop sticks and cat tee shirts. (Mom I wanna be a kid again and spend my money on stupid stuff and not worry about bills!). Doing whatever you want also means that you get to decorate and clean however you feel is appropriate for you.
  2. If you’re from a big family, it gets lonely. I come from a large family and I never realized how comforting the constant chatter and footsteps were. When I moved into my first apartment, I was really excited, because it was my first apartment. But the first night I was there I realized how lonely it is to live alone. Thankfully I have my cat and sugar glider. Having a pet (or two) helps keep the loneliness at bay and if you readers do have to live alone I recommend a pet if you are able to or if you can be responsible for them.
  3. It is super important you learn how to cook. If you don’t want to live off of boxed mac and cheese and ramen, you really need to learn how to cook basic meals. There are so many really easy recipes on pintrest and even Facebook that you can learn how to cook. Nothing is worse than only eating salty carbs when you really want a home cooked meal (Mom do I really have to be an adult?).


This is just part one of the list. There will be several more parts to the Living Alone Series As well as other series that will be added. I’m so excited to share my words of wisdom with all of you because we all need to stick together.


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