Guide to Adulting: Apartment leases

I still haven’t moved, but I got word that I can move on the 31st. GO ME! Anyway, I’ve been incredibly frustrated with this move and it’s just an over all stressful time. In the past year, I have learned a little bit of renting apartments. And I hope to share some of my new found knowledge with all you lovely followers so you don’t make similar mistakes I have made.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, do not, UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES rent a place with out a full on written lease/ leasing agreements. Seriously, there is nothing worse than wondering what you can and can’t do in your apartment. It’s really a pain in the butt to have to ask your landlord everything, especially if they are hard to get ahold of. If your potential landlord doesn’t even have a front page that states the apartment, their name and a general outline of basic rules, just walk away. It’s not a legal document and they can kick you out whenever (This hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve heard of it happening where I live). I really can’t stress this enough. And to cover all your bases, if your landlord writes anything on the lease (like a pet allowance, that is not usually allowed) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL COPY WITH THE WRITING SO THAT YOU HAVE PROOF YOUR PET IS ALLOWED.

SECONDLY, DO NOT DO WHAT I DID WHERE YOU NEVER SEE A PHYSICAL BILL. Now, the page of my current lease says how much rent is. And that stays the same. But I never see my water, electric, or gas bill. My landlord texts me the prices. This may seem convenient, but when it takes several weeks to get the bills and you need to pay other bills it gets incredibly frustrating. It’s also a little sketchy when you are never home and your electric is almost $100. Just make sure the bills are in your name. It makes sure that you aren’t getting ripped off either, which unfortunately does happen.

THIRD, make sure your apartment is going to allow potential releasing options. And verify it at your six month mark if you do plan to release. I made the mistake of not checking and had to mad scramble to find a new place. Now, I have to pay for two apartments at the same time because my new apartment starts the leases in June and my current apartment lease does not end until August. I had a bad feeling back in December about something happening where I wouldn’t get to repent and I ignored it because I thought it was just anxiety.

FOURTH, KNOW YOUR STATES RENTAL LAWS. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ONE ENOUGH. I live in a state where the laws are very loosely written so that they can be interpreted however people want. But For the love of all things good in this world. Google them and have a basic understanding of what can and can not be done while living there. If something seems wrong bring it up.

Finally, make sure you read your lease carefully. You never want to just sign the lease and pray for the best. Especially if you aren’t going to have a copy, (but PLEASE get a copy). You really need to know what is expected of you, and what your responsibilities are as a tenet. The lease also needs explain what is expected of the landlord.

I’ll have more posts for the guide of adulting coming up soon. I hope to be of some help to those of you who read this blog that are getting ready to become an adult. It’s hard. I hope to use my knowledge that I accumulate to help you all through life.



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