Update of the Iron Stead

Hi followers! I’ve been really bad at posting lately but I am trying to make more posts as well as get everything ready to move to my new apartment. I also just finished my finals week and all the papers that went along with it.

Summer is off to a rocky start. As I posted a week or two ago, my car has been having some problems. Mostly related to the tires. No big deal (unless I miss work for a flat). So, a week ago I started having issues with some sort of part of my breaks. Even with working breaks, my break light comes on. Which has happened before so I kind of just let it slide. That’s when life got difficult. My gear shift started acting funny. I thought I had just spilt a soda on it and it was sticky. The gear shift would shift out of park, but would not shift from drive to park. I would have to wait five minutes and force it. Now it is difficult to shift it from drive to park or from park to drive. Even after cleaning the shift.

So, yesterday while checking out car blogs for my particular car, I found that there is a release button. I had to pop off a piece of plastic from my console to access it. To press the button I need to use a screw drive. That is how I change gears in my car right now.

Everything that I have read has pointed to any thing from a bad fuse somewhere to a dying transmission. I really pray it is a fuse because if its a bad transmission, I will need to purchase a new(er) car. I’d replace the transmission itself but honestly my car isn’t even worth a rotten banana peel found in a park so replacing the transmission is not worth it.

Though I wouldn’t mind a newer car, I’m worried about payment. Shelia (my car) has not been kind to me. I’m not sure I can qualify for a loan. I currently have to pay for two apartments as well so that would be a major implication on how I afford living (Why is life so expensive?). My current car is a 1999. It’s probably getting ready to die a slow painful death.

I’ll keep you all updated on the hunk of metal I currently drive. At this point it’s comical how many problems I’ve experienced.



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