Ode to Mothers

Happy mothers to all moms out there! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.
Mom’s do a lot. Even when we, the children, do not always see it. So here is a thank you to every mother out there, from biological, to adoptive, to and mother figure anybody may have.
Moms are always there. You can call them at 2 A.M. and for the most part they might answer. They may think you are dying, but they are their even if you’re freaking about the possibility of the world ending (Sorry mom, but thanks for putting up with that). The answer their phone when you call late at night because you are sick and unsure of your symptoms even though at twenty-something, you might think you should figure it out on your own. Moms are there to tell you get your life together and go to the doctor.
Mom’s are the reason us college students don’t live off of just ramen or rice and peanut butter (True story, again, thanks mom that was a terrible mix). It may be out of pity, or maybe its maternal instinct that tells them not to let their pseudo-adult young starve, or live off of unsavory mixes for longer than a day. They are often the reason you learn to cook for your self, even if it’s throwing a vegetable into mac and cheese and calling that a meal.
Moms support almost every decision you make. Without their support us children may never be able to reach our dreams. Even when these dreams crash and burn, moms are there to support the next dream and help regain footing after the loss of a dream (Because being an astronaut is the only thing that’s important to you until you learn you have to be good at math, therefore you move on to something more realistic. Like a rock star.) And though they support our wildest dreams, they often keep us grounded. Because without a little bit of grounding, we might fly too close to the sun, or just float out of the galaxy.
Moms are there for every bad and good decision in your life, and though sometimes they might be mad about that stupid thing you did in high school, they still love you unconditionally. Moms are one of the greatest support systems and deserve recognition (And a super nice vacation that only the filthy rich can afford).
Thank you to all the moms out there. Without you guys, we pseudo-adults truly would not exist. Mostly because there is a good chance we wouldn’t have been born. Or because being an adult is hard and we wouldn’t have the proper guidance you all have given us. The support and guidance you moms give us semi-adults is exactly what we need while we are trying to figure out what classifies us as an adult. Thanks for sharing your tips on saving money, giving recipes, and just making sure we live to see another year, because lets face it, most of us don’t know what we are doing and need that guidance.


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