Update on The World of Beth

I apologize for the recent lack of posts in the last few days. The semester is winding down which means it is time to finish up all my classes and assignments. I being the lazy person I am, am trying my hardest to finish early so that I can be done sooner so I sit outside in my hammock for the last few weeks in my current apartment.

The last two days have also been filled with bad weather. Power has been in and out. Thank god for phones now being a personal hotspot because I have so much work that has to be turned in online. And if there is no power, there is no internet. Verizon for the win though because I still had service.

I’m also currently broke as a joke because of bills and adulting. I’ll probably still be broke until like June. Being an adult is not fun. I would like to go back in time to kick twelve-year-old me in the teeth for wishing to be an adult. This is not that fun.

To keep everyone updated, I still want to do some give aways so share my blog on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Myspace (Do people still use that?), Snapchat, and what ever else is cool. I can’t keep up with slang my class mates use. I certainly can’t keep up with social media.

Seriously though, the sooner I get to 100 followers, the sooner I can start doing cool giveaways!


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