Hello world! I have some wonderful news that I’m excited to share! So as my previous blogs have stated I’ve had a recent string of bad luck. But Yesterday I got some AWESOME news.

So as you all know, I’ve been looking for a new pet friendly apartment that I can afford. There is an apartment complex near by but it’s usually always full. I had called last week and the person who runs the complex told me that they are booked until December. This meant I had to go toking for other apartments. That alone is an adventure since many places in my area do not post online so you have to wander around the town and call to get prices. You also have to call to find out if it’s pet friendly.

So, I woke up for class on Thursday to a call from the complex saying that a studio opened up. I was able to go down to the apartments and take  look at the open apartment. Afterwards I got to sign my lease! I’m moving in the end of May! The head of the apartment complex told me as soon as I get my key I can start moving in. They will be giving me my key as soon as my floors are finished.

It’s an exciting time right now. As much as I’m gonna miss my current apartment, I’m not gonna miss the stink bugs or how warm it can get since I’m on an upper level. I may be loosing out on a separate room but my rent will be a heck of a lot cheaper.

Sometimes adulting can be great. tenor


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