Cars and Money

Cars. We all know them. Most of us have them. Some of us have really old ones that we are trying to make last another five to ten years. I am one of those people trying to make my car last a much longer time than it should. It’s a responsibility I miss not having. Cars are expensive and a lot of work all. It’s more work than I want but you have to have a car to work and you have to work to keep a car.
So I have an old car. It’s a 1999 Acura. I was super proud when I got it. I thought I was rolling like a big shot. Then I was burning through gas like a monster truck. And the car smelled like gas. Two mechanics looked at it and said: “it’s just an old car”. I just let it go. I moved into the campus housing and left my car in the parking lot for three days. I had a full tank when the car was parked. Three days later I walk out to go to my car to get to work and I was almost on empty. That was the learning moment that I had a leak somewhere. So I took it to a new mechanic and they looked at it. My gas tank was rusted out.
A few days later, I get may car back with a new gas tank. I pay $600 and think that the worst is over. Once or twice a year I have to pump approximately $600 into my car’s maintenance.
In the last two months I have been missing the days before my license because I have had three flat tires. Three flat tires in two months. It’s been wonderful. The first one happened at six in the morning because I hit a pot hole trying to avoid gaining into a ditch or hitting another car. My first flat tire was the end of February. Then last Tuesday I blew the same tire on the same pothole. And finally yesterday I was getting ready for work and my car sounded weird. So, I park in a campus lot and I had a flat tire.
Owning a car has taught me a lot.
1) Cars are expensive
2) Back roads are terrible

At some point I’m going to learn that I need to buy a spare. I’ll eventually buy when I decide to stop busting my tires.

But, shout out to my mom for rescuing me two out three times while I was stranded because I needed a new tire!


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