Story of the Blog

So as many of you may know I’m new to blogging. This blog has been an idea that i have bounced off my mother for a few months now. Whenever something happens I tend to call her and keep her up to date about the not so skillful job I am doing with being an adult. She thinks it hilarious. My mom was initially the one who said “You should start a blog!”, the same way men in there mid-forties do when they think buying a bar is a great idea.


(I enjoy this GIF because it’s HIMYM and theres a Monopoly game…I love Monopoly)

Anyway, We shall continue.

So I said “yeah sure, maybe I’ll get one started” and I didn’t. It wasn’t until yesterday when I decided to start my blog.

So I’m renting an apartment because I can’t afford to dorm and I can have pets if I rent. So I got an apartment last august and life has been okay here. I had the plans to renew my lease this year because I hate moving and I furnished the apartment. I heard from a third party that my landlord wasn’t going to be renting after my lease runs out. So I texted him and asked if I’d still be able to renew my lease. No reply. I text the same thing the next day. One hour later I get ” Unfortunately we will not be renting after summer is over.” This means that I now have the daunting task of finding another apartment to move into that will let me have a cat. Because here, even most of the crumby apartments don’t let you have a pet.

I’ll be the first to say that I have the potential to do more damage than a cat. I’m clumsy. Like extremely clumsy. I run into the oven a lot and I’m shocked I haven’t ripped the handle off with how often my pockets get snagged.

So now I’m apartment hunting and trying to find a place that doesn’t mind cats. Life is fun. Once that bombshell had been dropped I thought “Yup, it’s time to start a blog.” It’s just my luck that I can’t renew my lease. It’s all good though, maybe I’ll find someplace nicer that doesn’t have a mysterious thumping noise at 3 A.M. when I have to be up early.


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