Here is Yet Another Intro

I feel like I’m making a lot of introductory blog posts but I’m still trying to get this off the ground. (Shout out to my sister for being my third follower). I’m hoping that the emails are sending out properly, and I’m also very sorry for blowing up your inboxes if they are.

There is a comment section/ contact me box. If you have any suggestions on how to make the sight more pleasing, feel free to let me know!

Moving on.

So, as you all know this is going to be a pretty laid back blog. I’m pretty much just going to discuss what’s happening and maybe answer some questions or emails. I’ll also probably be posting how I’m scraping by, food recipes, products I like, and just random 3A.M. thoughts, because why would I actually sleep? I also want to do some fun things.

That’s right! Fun things! And I don’t mean math! (I’m kidding, math was never fun for me, that was a joke. But if you enjoy math, more power to you!) I’m talking about ~GIVEAWAYS~. Yes Free things might be given away.

But first I need to grow my viewer ship so share this with your friends, your dog, your mom, your siblings, your crazy neighbor mowing the lawn at 2A.M.! Share this with everyone because the sooner I get to 200 viewers the sooner I can do a cool giveaway. And who doesn’t like free things? I know I do. Free things mean I don’t have to buy the thing



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