First Posting! How exciting!

So I’ve been bouncing the idea around of starting a blog for several months. Recent events have made me decide to start it up. So this first post is going to be something that explains who I am better than my about me.

I’m starting this blog as a very young adult because I have been handed a lot of struggles over my college career. In no way is this a pity blog. I just think sharing events is very important. I also like to make jokes and some of the things I’ve had to deal with in my Misadventures of Adulthood are pretty funny. (See what I did there?)

But seriously, living in a college town and trying to be a full adult at the age I am has been an adventure. College has been a very large roller coaster and I hope to just post about how my time as an adult is going. I also hope to make you all laugh because laughing is great.

I typically make really corny jokes that make my coworkers cringe. I once told someone that I can make more points than a star and I’m sure anyone that heard just wanted me to quit right there. I’ll probably be throwing in my puns and jokes as I post. Feel free to laugh. Or don’t. That’s your choice. You’re also welcome to laugh at any of the stories I post as most of them are funny. Or as I said previously, you don’t have to laugh. You can stare blankly at the screen or roughly exhale through your nose as a “laugh”. Do what ever you want, I’m not your mom.

Onto more about me. I’m obsessed with my pets. I have several cats that stay with mom since they were born and raised in her house and I don’t have the heart to uproot them. They are also outdoor cats so I don’t want them to get lost if I relocate them. I have one cat and a sugar glider that stay with me. Sir Picasso is my cat and Elsa is my sugar glider. Both are spoiled. Both are fat.

I’m finishing up my undergraduate degree then will hopefully be getting my Masters. Since I’m in school, I work retail to pay my rent. And I’m sure you can imagine the type of apartment a broke college lives in. Only a step up from that because ~standards~.

I like crafting, art, How I Met Your Mother, Law and Order (SVU), and working internet. The working internet thing is apparently too much to ask for in West Virginia. I enjoy the beach and singing obnoxiously in my car.


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